Olympic-Style Fencing 

Modern Fencing is the contemporary expression of the historical encounter of sword-fighting.   From the old days of duelling on the strip and fighting with edged weapons on the battlefield to using sophisticated scoring technology and complex metal alloys in our blades It’s you versus your opponent in a game of precision tag.

Fencing is often compared to chess, just a lot faster!  The tactics involved in the dynamic problem-solving of the fencing encounter must be quickly employed. Plans and approaches must be predetermined. Being ready for something unexpected is wise. Boldly executing your plan and following through is critical. Fighting for each point - not stopping until the word ‘HALT!’ is called - is an integral part of competitive fencing.  These are some of the things that make this sport fun, intriguing, challenging, dynamic, stimulating, and rewarding.


Learn the footwork, stances, movement skills, blade work, and then get a little experience putting it all together.  Fencing is unique, fun, and international - you can enjoy fencing in salles across the world when you vacation!

If this interests you, we invite you to learn to fence with us!  Contact us to schedule your Learn to Fence Session with Coach Tom Knowles at your convenience. Click here to read more about the Learn to Fence sessions with Coach Tom.

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Ages 7 - 9.5: Young Blades For ages 7 - 9.5, young boys and girls.

Ages 10 - 12.5: Youth Fencing For ages 10 - 12.5, boys and girls.

Ages 13+: Teen/Adult Fencing For ages 13 - Adults, male and female.

Middle & High School Competitive Fencing Teams   Inquire about forming a Middle or High School fencing team at YOUR SCHOOL!

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