Samurai Academy

Our Samurai Academy martial arts program offers students the opportunity to learn, practice and perfect weapons skills safely and effectively. More importantly, we incorporate character values that stand the test of time such as integrity, honor, discipline, teamwork, and more.

The 8 Virtues of  the Samurai Academy



Little Samurai (ages 6 - 9) Little Samurai learn basic weapon skills, memorize simple sequences, and demonstrate the virtue of Discipline.  They are expected to uphold the Samurai Academy 'Code of Honor' and show their understanding of the 8 Virtues throughout practice and game time. Advancing from one level to the next requires dedication and attendance, determination and control, and a commitment to uphold honor in and outside of class.  Exciting battle games and obstacle courses allow the Little Samurai to apply against each other what they have been learning in a safe yet challenging manner.

Junior Samurai (ages 9-12)  Junior Samurai study an exciting range of weapon styles, develop and refine their battle skills, and uphold the 8 Virtues throughout their training. Exciting and more challenging battle games for older students create opportunities to demonstrate and apply proper technique, the ability to think under pressure, and to deal with multiple attackers in ever-changing vectors. In addition to weapons-based training, the Junior Samurai program incorporates basic empty-hand training. Thus, advancing from level to level requires a serious commitment to the spirit of the program as dedication, persistance, and patience are required and rewarded!


Samurai (ages 13 through adults)  For teens through adults, we offer an exciting curriculum that gives you experiences like no other martial art form: to engage another person with weapons at full speed and full force with none of the negative consequences of real battle! We can properly train you in the use of the Japanese shortsword (kodachi), medium sword (wakizsachi), and the longsword (katana). Learn exciting kata in all weapon styles that demonstrate technique but also show controlled strength. Advance through the levels learning to grasp the intricacies of bo staff, nunchaku, knife, and even double sword/kali-style technique. However, in addition to training with these weapons, we encourage you to apply your training in fast-paced battle scenarios designed to simulate combat situations. Using our modern padded weapons, you may truly apply your technique - without causing real pain and damage!

Samurai Academy FAQs...

What do students wear to class?  For your introductory lesson come wearing athletic apparel and athletic shoes.  Our sensei will help you order any program equipment and your first uniform.


Is Samurai Academy good exercise? What is a class like?  Our padded weapons program offers an excellent form of physical exercise regardless of age.  We always warm up the entire body with a thorough stretch routine. Next, the class recites the Samurai Academy Code of Honor. Afterward, the sensei will work the students through a variety of drills and pattern practicing and finally move into more vigorous partnered work, block sets and kata.  Every other class or so, students will participate in exciting Battle Games!  

Is Samurai Academy only for boys?  Not at all!  While the majority of our students in the Samurai Academy are males, we encourage females to become involved! Where else can guys and girls take each other on using ‘swords’ safely?

Do you receive belts like in a karate program?  Samurai Academy students earn satin sashes that show their rank in our program. Students begin as a White Sash.  Once they start training, they will begin working immediately on the skills needed to acquire the rank of Gold Sash.  From that point on, each student will progress at a different rate depending upon their class attendance, ability to learn their skills and drills, and completing the requirements for the next sash. 

We have the following ranks in Samurai Academy:

Little Samurai ranks - White, Gold, Green, Purple, Brown, Silver, & Black

Jr. Samurai & Samurai ranks  - White, Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown, Silver, & Black.

Do the students participate in demonstrations?  We have formal martial arts demo days during each season to help students have a demonstration focus in order to better prepare their skills. Samurai Academy students also often have opportunities to demonstrate their skills at local charity events and festivals in our community.


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